A Bit Too Much…

I have recently been trying to do a lot more networking, getting my name and my work “out there” in hopes of making connections and obtaining interest and feedback in my endeavorers (as evidenced – in part – by this blog). However, I have very quickly been learning that staying on top of everything is quite the chore.

Our world today has so many different options, so many different methods and so many different mediums for the display and exchange of personal and professional “profiles” that, for a person like me, trying to be available to the widest audience possible is overwhelming.

Keeping track of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WordPress, Kickstarter, and YouTube is quite the meticulous process, especially in the artistic/media-oriented world I am striving to be a part of (and if throw Google+ into the mix, you have a total disaster). Your audience, large, small, or still-to-come-into-existance, is constantly expecting new content, increasingly engaging entertainment, and constant, reassuring updates that the content will indeed continue on.

As a freelance, multi-media artist, finding interested audiences everywhere at once has proven to be very aggravating. Finding a balance is becoming a science. There’s just to much going on in the world of technology. Whoever comes up with a standard, do-it-all system that covers all the bases will dominate the technological world as we know it.

Maybe something to work on… Hmm.